I am a multimedia journalist and media entrepreneur from Karachi, Pakistan where I’ve worked to refine the work of young community journalists bringing hyper-local stories on people, culture, and society from the communities of Karachi. These stories have been published on The Big Picture Pk, our citizen journalism portal. 

This experience helped me understand the need for diverse and local voices from where I started pursuing a graduate degree in journalism. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Journalism at New York University in the Reporting the Nation/Reporting New York Concentration, where I am training to produce stories on various beats. 

I have produced and published work in the climate, environment, and ecology space but also in gender and freedom of expression. I have reported on the Coronavirus pandemic, 2020 US Elections, and try to find the most underreported and vulnerable groups that very few reporters are thinking to give a platform to. 

Because of my continued interest in climate and science reporting, I aim to learn to work with and analyze data. I will enroll in Data Journalism as an elective in Fall 2021 and add value to my stories through data sources. 

Download my resume here

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