Quratulain Tejani

A few years ago, a conversation I had with my father stuck. “What differentiates excellence from mediocrity?” he asked. “Attention to detail,” he said answering his own question.

Thousands of rows and columns of data look intimidating, even to the brightest minds. But in them it is that we find trends, patterns, and anomalies – the details that make stories more wholesome and valuable. So here is why I am here.

I am extremely passionate about climate justice, so much so that I got myself on the team of Global Voices and started writing about climate issues. I did pieces on Lahore’s continual smog and deteriorating air quality issues and the locust infestation in the region that impacted food security. For Climate Tracker, I covered the impact brackish and contaminated water has on urban women and their health in Karachi. For Pavement Pieces, I documented the pain of the survivors of Hurricanes Laura and Delta in Louisiana months after the disasters hit and how delivery drivers cope with extreme weather events in New York.

For my data journalism elective, I’ve produced analyses and visualizations on wildlife airstrikes in New York, the tax bailouts that energy companies got during the pandemic but laid-off hundreds of employees, and the temperature trends of Minnesota as the fastest warming state in the US.

For my capstone, I interviewed neighbors and landlords of the properties where 11 people died drowning in illegal basements and cellars in the wake of Hurricane Ida. I studied and decoded records of the Department of Buildings and verified and investigated conditions at each location.

I have reporting, storytelling, analytical and creative skills to discover hard hitting stories as a reporter. My goal as a writer is to humanize environmental stories because it is people who are at the heart of environmental and climate injustices. I am particularly interested in documenting climate migration supported with data and maps.

I would be grateful for an opportunity to discuss more about my aspirations and projects/stories I am currently working on and can be reached out via messages, email and/or phone for further correspondence.

Download my resume here

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